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*Bill's Point Homeowners Association Members Group.* This group site is the internet home of the BPHA. It is for the benefit of BPHA members only. BPHA documents (bylaws, covenants, and other documents related to the Association, records of past meetings, etc.) may be seen by clicking the "Files" tab in the left side bar. Official BPHA communications are sent out to members from this site. The site is administered by the BPHA Board of Directors, who are identified in the members list as "owners." Each year following the Annual Corporation Meeting, the list of owners is updated by the BPHA secretary. If the secretary is retiring from that office, he or she remains an "owner" temporarily, until the records for the BPHA's preceding fiscal year are uploaded to the BPHA Archive.
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    This site (a BPHA sub-group) is the "conferencing room" for the Board of Directors of the Bill's Point Homeowners Association. Here the members of the BPHA Board conduct board meetings and other business of the Association. Email and other communications from within this site are circulated among all members of the Board. In keeping with the BPHA's tradition of transparency, the Document files of this Board of Directors subgroup are viewable by the BPHA membership at large.
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